The following updates highlight any changes to the Camino del Norte in 2017-18 to The Northern Caminos. Please note that we have not included minor price changes here (for example, an albergue price increasing by a euro), though inflation has struck many of the accommodations along the way. Page numbers corresponding to the 2015 edition are included in parentheses. 2015 and 2016 updates can be found in previous posts; the 2016 updates following our re-walk are particularly significant.

Camino del Norte Baggage Transfer

Jose Luis Pardo Rodríguez (316) no longer offers baggage transfer services on the Camino del Norte. Instead, your best bet is now the service offered by Correos (the Spanish post office). +34 683440022

Stage 1: Irún to San Sebastián
  • Irún's Albergue de Peregrinos is open March-October in 2018
  • Pasajes de San Juan's Albergue de Peregrinos is open April - mid-October in 2018

Stage 3: Zarautz to Deba
  • Getaria's Kanpaia Aterpetxea is open March-October in 2018
  • Zumaia's Albergue de Peregrinos in Convento San José is open Easter - 15 October in 2018

Stage 4: Deba to Markina-Xemein
  • Markina's Albergue de Peregrinos is open April - mid-October in 2018

Stage 5: Markina to Gernika
  • New albergue in Olabe, 5.5km after Munitibar: Albergue Andiketxe (20 beds, 12€, meals available, kitchen, W/D, 946 253 150)

Stage 6: Gernika to Bilbao
  • Larrabetzu's Albergue de Peregrinos is open April - mid-October in 2018
  • Bilbao's Albergue de Peregrinos (on the far side of town) is open April - mid-October in 2018 and now offers communal meals; while the guide (for now) still lists this as the endpoint of stage 6, we encourage pilgrims who want to enjoy Bilbao to consider other options, including the newer options near the Plaza de Unamuno: Albergue Parroquia Barrio de la Cruz and Albergue Claret Enea (see the 2016 updates below for more)

Stage 7: Bilbao to Pobeña
  • New albergue in Baracaldo: Albergue del Polideportivo de Gorostiza (donativo, 16 beds, open June-Sept, kitchen, 687 529 627)
  • Portugalete's Albergue de Peregrinos has relocated to the nearby polideportivo (just a block from the old location), now has 30 beds, and is open June-September

Stage 9: Castro-Urdiales to Laredo
  • Islares's Albergue de Peregrinos is temporarily closed (as of December 2017). Check with the turismo in Castro-Urdiales to confirm its availability (and please update us!)

Stage 10: Laredo to Guemes
  • Here's the 2018 Laredo-Santoña ferry schedule: 2€, July-Sept every 10min 0900-2000, May/June/Oct 0900-1800, Mar-Apr and Nov – early-Dec 0900-1400, closed Dec. 12 – Feb; 675 874 742

Stage 12: Santander to Santillana del Mar

Stage 15: Colombres to Llanes
  • A reader reports on a route change: "From Andrin , the official yellow arrows now follow the coastal variant, but somewhat different from the book, making the guidebook's explanations highly confusing" (124)
  • New albergue in Llanes, near the entry to town via the GR: Albergue La Senda del Peregrino (15€, 24 beds, includes breakfast, open Mar-Oct, 985 404 486)

Stage 16: Llanes to Ribadesella
  • A reader recommends Hotel Gavitu in Celorio, particularly outside of peak season when options decline considerably
  • Piñeres de Pría's Casa Rectoral open June 15-Sept 15 (36 beds available); the phone number for the Casa Rectoral is 617 942 141. (129)
  • Casa Belén in Cuerres will be closed in 2018. (129)

Stage 17: Ribadesella to Sebrayo
  • A reader reports a confusing waymark just after Berbes: the right turn onto the Camino Real is clear, but when making you are faced with two tracks--the Camino follows the smaller left-hand track. (135)
  • A reader suggests Hotel Las Vegas in Colunga (singles 28-35€, doubles 35-55€, 985 856 025) and notes that Hostal El Mesón is currently closed and "looks awful" (136)
  • New albergue in Priesca, La Rectorial de Priesca, (12€, 22 beds, kitchen, serves breakfast, W/D, wifi, 636 056 520; may have limited supplies available for purchase) (137)
  • Keys for the Pre-Romanesque Church of San Salvador are available from the owner of the Albergue La Rectorial de Priesca (137)

Stage 18: Sebrayo to Gijón
  • New albergue in Villaviciosa: Albergue de Peregrinos la Payariega (donativo, 6 beds, open all year, communal meals, kitchen, W/D, 651 068 840). 

Stage 20: Avilés to Soto de Luiña

  • New albergue in Salinas: Beach Hostel El Pez Escorpió (20€, 16 beds, Kitchen, W/D, wifi, 985 500 859) (150) 
  • Hotel/Restaurante Mariño is permanently closed

Stage 23: Luarca to La Caridad
  • New albergue in Navia: Albergue San Roque (10€, 24 beds, open March 1 - November 30, Kitchen, W/D, wifi, Avda Manuel Suárez 3 bajo, 691 904 242) (166)
  • New albergue in La Caridad: Albergue La Xana (11-17€, 14 beds, kitchen, W/D, Avda de Asturias 18, 984 196 830)

Stage 24: La Caridad to Ribadeo
  • Here are the route directions along the coast, from Tapia de Casariego's Albergue de Peregrinos to Ribadeo's Albergue: Continue straight into the center of Tapia. At a T-junction, turn left and then take the next right through a small parking lot. Turn left at a T-junction, then right onto the main road through Tapia, the Avda de Galicia. 800m later, towards the end of town, fork right onto a pedestrian track skirting the coastline. After looping around the inlet, 1.6km later, turn left on a minor road. The route zigzags through fields, arriving in the village of Santa Gadea 4.7km later and then the Playa de Peñarronda (Hostal Parajes – doubles 40€+, meals available, @, 985 979 050) after another kilometer. Continue winding along the coast for 3km before passing by another beach, the Playa de Arnao, and then veer inland 600m, turning right and proceeding alongside the A-8. Cross the Ría de Ribadeo, descend from the bridge back toward the river, and then turn left. Ribadeo’s albergue is on your right, 1km from the center of town. This route is 13.2km total 

Stage 25: Ribadeo to Lourenzá
  • Vilela's Albergue de Peregrinos is no longer open year-round. Instead, its opening season is less clear, as it operates now primarily as an over-flow space for Ribadeo's small albergue, primarily in the summer. Before leaving Ribadeo, make sure to confirm that Vilela's albergue is operational.
  • Reader Andrew shares that "while there is an albergue in Gondan there is no place to by food in the village. However, there is a little shop in Villamartin Grande.They have some food items for sale and will fix a simple meal if asked. They also have three or four very nice rooms for rent, I think they asked 25 euros." The facility in Villamartín Grande may be Habitaciones Tentempé Peregrino (3 rooms, 30-35€, open Semana Santa - October 31, 610 451 518)

Stage 27: Gontán to Baamonde
  • New albergue in Abadín: Albergue Xabarín (15€, 25 beds, Kitchen, W/D, wifi, 690 181 811) (183)
  • New albergue after Abadín, in Castromaior: Albergue O Xistral (12€, 19 beds, Kitchen, breakfast available, W/D, wifi, 673 524 257) (183) 
  • New albergue in Vilalba: Albergue As Pedreiras (10€, 28 beds, Kitchen, W/D, wifi, open all year, 620 137 711) (187)


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